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Viivi Nieminen


Uusi Jätkä 7.4.-29.4.2018

Viivi Nieminen
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Uusi Jätkä
7. – 29.4.2018

Time is wasted or saved. Time is money or of the essence. Time drags or flies. Time is right and the thief you cannot banish. Without someone experiencing it, there is no time. Without time, there is no hurry.

The earth rotates around its axis in 24 hours. Day and night give a rhythm to daily life that is dictated by schedules and opening hours. “Add more hours to your day,” says a women’s magazine, offering tips on how to have a more productive daily life with more free time.

In the spring of 2016, I carried out a time experiment during which I changed a day into a 25-hour period by turning the clocks back by one hour every day. In spite of turning the clocks back, I followed a schedule in which daily routines as well as tasks I had set myself were repeated at the same time every day, determined from the wake-up time. Every day I experienced the routines and my environment from a different time perspective.

I wanted to examine how the prolonged days, working during hours of darkness and living outside of regular schedules due to the turning of the clocks affect perceptual sensitivity and moods and how they are reflected in the repeated tasks. My tasks included photographing the view from my bedroom window, finding a rock with a hole on the beach, filming the sea and copying the drawing made the day before. The works in this exhibition have been compiled from this material.

My time experiment lasted for 24 days, in other words 25 calendar days. At the end of the experiment I returned to the same time as my environment, but I had lost one calendar day.

Viivi Nieminen is a Helsinki-based photographic artist who is, among other things, interested in the adaptability of memory and the subjectivity of a reality experience.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska kulturfonden and Künstlerhaus Lukas.

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