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Kasper Muttonen


Viiskulma 14.5.-25.5.2008

I’ve always been attracted by construction, spaces, architecture, and developed surroundings. My exhibition ‘A built view’ consists of a series of building models acting as images of the dream of building and as certain kinds of architectural suggestions or ideas. I feel that architecture and developed environment affect people. They also function as self-expression by reflecting the nature of a culture and the needs of people.

The models I’ve built consist of colored painting-like spaces and constructions cast in concrete. The idea of the colors is that the miniature models don’t exist merely in the rational world of architecture, but also create a reality and light of their own. In most of the models, I have used spray paints that give light, unlike heavy brush-painted surfaces.

The function of the concrete is to bring reality and heaviness in the models. Concrete reflects light in a different way, and creates its own gray light in the spaces. In my opinion, concrete continues the endless tradition of monuments and building in stone – on the other hand, it is a modern non-material and an example of today’s estranged spaces. In spite of the common negative image, it represents a material challenge, and for me, it’s a beautiful and clean substance. The scale of the miniature models and the contrast between them and the human scale provide the viewer with a certain kind of dominance: the models are part of a world of ideas.

Images of ‘wow-factor’ architecture and its dreams are a source of inspiration for me. Areas like Dubai and Beijing create themselves a new identity, mainly with the help of western architects. Otherwise, the disharmony between architectural plans, how they are presented, and the final result is interesting. Architectural presentations have their own reality, a reality that doesn’t necessarily exist in the finished building.

Contemporary Japanese architecture is a very important example for me although my works don’t include such simplified solutions. I’m not looking for direct models within visual arts although artists who have used architecture in their works inspire me. Nevertheless, I don’t want to define my works as architecture, nor as belonging to any specific field of art. For me, building is a means of being creative.

I dedicate the exhibition to the memory of my brother Joonas.

I thank the Paulo Foundation and the Arts Council of Helsinki Metropolitan Region for supporting the exhibition.