• Mervi Karhunen, Laura Mela
  • Mervi Karhunen: Sateen jälkeen
  • Laura Mela: Kaislikko soi, stillkuvia videoinstallaatiosta
  • Vesi

Laura Mela, Mervi Karhunen

A Continuous Summer

Uudenmaankatu 1.2.-12.2. 2006

Mervi Karhunen & Laura Mela
A Continuous Summer
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
1.2.–12.2. 2006

Mervi Karhunen:

Light coming through the branches of the trees. Everything is alive, everything breathes.

I have painted my experiences of a summer that goes on through the seasons, through times, past changing landscapes.

Laura Mela:

Let us take for example the idyllic concept of Finnish summer. Nature freed at last of winter’s grip, plants and animals fervently growing and reproducing themselves, life taking place allover, for a short while.

For the first time in the history of mankind we are confronted by a view of life as a fragile and improbable thing. All this swarming, all colour, rhytm, form and movement is possible only in an insignificant fraction of the universe.

To the honour of everything that tenaciously creeps forward, year after year, to continue their unlikely task.