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Camilla Vuorenmaa

A hidden place

Viiskulma 14.9.-2.10.2011

I have been working on portraits for quite some time. This is how I try to capture a person’s emotional state. The themes of my exhibition are isolation, growth experiences, beauty and repentance. I have been examining various works that have inspired me and one of the most impressive works is Rembrandt’s The Return of the Prodigal Son which deals with forgiveness and family disputes. I wanted to create a modern version of it. When lonely, a person may freeze, totally excluding other people. In a group we merge with each other, form groups that then fall into pieces and form new groups.

Love is love is love.

As a material, wood is old, natural and quite rough. I have worked somewhere between painting and sculpting before and I have thought about using wood for a long time. It proved to be an excellent, yet challenging material. My characteristic use of lines and a relaxed painting style combined well with each other on the wooden surface and underneath it.

Camilla Vuorenmaa (born 1979) graduated from the Painting Department of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. Born in Tampere and living in Helsinki, Vuorenmaa has held various individual exhibitions, but she has also been involved in, for example, the Young Artists’ Biennale at Kunsthalle Helsinki (2005) and the Taabor 09 exhibition held at the Aleksis Kivi museum in Nurmijärvi (2009).

Vuorenmaa’s works are also currently (14 September – 30 October 2011) being displayed at the Ostari exhibition held at the Virka Gallery, Helsinki City Hall, together with artist Nikki Jääskeläinen and sculptor Olli Salo.

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