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Paula Martikainen

A Leaf of Gold – woodcuts

Uudenmaankatu 28.11.-9.12.2007

Paula Martikainen
A Leaf of Gold – woodcuts
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The intensive virtual flow of pictures may cause artists to want to, eventually, start working on something concrete. Paula Martikainen is one of these artists. Her subtle and delicate woodcuts do not have the traditional roughness of the genre; yet she isn’t hiding her instrument, either.

Whether recognizable or abstract by modification, shapes from nature are an essential part of Martikainen’s works.

In Catch, a reddish hand is reaching for a reddish bird, perhaps a swallow. The work raises questions: Has the bird been caught, as the name of the work suggests? Or is the hand protecting the bird?

This is where nature and man meet – as do power and powerlessness, and big and small. Which one is powerful, and which one is powerless or sensitive?

Seppo Heiskanen