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Maiju Salmenkivi


Uudenmaankatu 19.9.-30.9.2007

Maiju Salmenkivi
Liikkuva juhla
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

a picture of a small girl holding a huge bunch of red balloons, a dead rat in Brahe park, the bright light is refracted nicely, I barely see a group of people in the park as the sun shines in my eye. I squint and see children lying on the grass, motionless in the sunshine, which reminds me of the lions in the American Museum of Natural History, all stopped in the middle of motion

For this exhibition at Galleria Huuto I started painting freely, without any strict thematic limits. My starting point was based more on a feeling or mood I wanted to include in the final work. My work process was based on doing, I kept losing myself in the process. By concentrating on painting I discovered and created new paths back into the work.

In these paintings I wanted to bring out the different sides of matters, both within contents and form. I don’t want to repeat the old, but rather, like a party in motion, I want to be open to new associations and identities within painting. I want to capture a lost moment and yet, I want the painting to attain something permanent from this very moment through its expression.

Thanks to Oskar Öflunds stiftelsen.