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Tuomas Hallivuo

A relationship with the muse

Viiskulma 4.1.-22.1.2012

The exhibition contains two series – Relationship Game and The Muse. What all the included works have in common is the technique (etching), a scanty range of colors and human description.

Relationship Game
A large work with twenty-three 50×50 cm human portraits and routes that vary depending on the composition. The viewer gets to reflect on each person’s relationship with the other, whether you can enter or exit the picture’s situation and who is outside of it all.

The Muse
The model for the series was the person closest to the artist, his spouse whose emotional world he knows the best. The model’s relationship to the artist is also closer than to any other person.

Expression with lines has become the pure art of drawing and the themes have been stripped down and simplified. Hallivuo has focused more on drawing itself than in his previous works. The narrative and comic book-like style of expression has changed and now emphasizes more the emotions, light and shadows as well as the rhythm of line art.

Tuomas Hallivuo
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