• Milja Viita
  • Digitaalinen värivedos Polaroid-kuvasta, 50x50cm
  • Digitaalinen värivedos Polaroid-kuvasta, 50x50cm
  • Still-kuva videosta
  • Still-kuva videosta

Milja Viita

A Tale of a Dead Man” -a story about the stone planet

Viiskulma 15.2.-26.2.2006

I am fascinated with the exact moment when we say we remember something. What exactly do we remember and how? What are
those pictures in our minds; how do we create them and are those pictures ever to be shared with other people? As we read we
watch movies edited by our minds; the text directs those pictures every moment, revoking the previous picture it created. Those pictures can create weird, absurd and chaotic films that only exist
to one person. This experience is private, even if the source of it is from the “real world”.

The exhibition consists of two parts, from a video projection and the Polaroid-pictures. The video work forms sort of video-letter to NASA:

There is a voice of woman who’s telling about a dream she had; there was a grey stone in her hands from which she accidentally created the planet Earth. She’s been facing difficult moral issues after discovered the life on the surface of it. I have also sent a real letter to NASA, from where I’m hoping to receive a reply during the exhibition.

On my films I often combine text with simple visual elements; the picture acts as a kind of pointer towards a direction, creating more space for the read or narrated text, yet it does not remain separate from the rest of the work. I hope my work gives the recipient an opportunity to create the piece again in his or her own mind, adding to the hints I have given with his or her own gallery of experience, resulting in an endless number of new editions being created from one film. The piece exists on its own right but also as a moving phenomenon in the mind of the viewer.

I think the pictures are representing the memory in a way; if the video work creates a journey, the stills could stop the time by holding the micro history of the cosmos and the planet Earth. While the video shows planet Earth with the eyes of outsider, the Polaroids are from “here”, from the surface of this planet.

Welcome to the exhibition.

Kind regards,

Milja Viita

040-535 0224