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Viiskulma 25.10.-5.11.2006

My exhibition features videoworks which tell about claiming back one’s own space, living on the edge of a nervous breakdown and about an attitude which helps to get over it. The exhibition presents
a mirror stage of the incidents. In addition to myself, this mirror stage reflects known images from art history and some alternative reality-tv videos. In my videoworks the private and the common consciousness interact. The works were shot and edited in
Tampere 2006.

The five videoworks in the exhibition have been installed in two different spaces.

The front room features a videowork called AINO on the mirror
stage and it is a contemporary version of the story of Aino in Kalevala. It comments on the previously painted versions with
the same motif. On the video, Aino battles hard against all those Väinämöinens who disturb her own time and space. And the defence stays strong.

The back room features four videoworks called Blink, Sissit (The Guerillas), Should I and Sissisota (The Guerilla war). They are very similar in spirit and form an unity. In this arena of wooing attempts one thinks if one should stay or go or try a couple precision strikes more on the target.

Anja Helminen

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