• Elina Tuhkanen
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Elina Tuhkanen

Approach through the negative

Viiskulma 30.3.-15.4.2012

In Approach through the negative, multimedia artist Tuhkanen explores notions of color and light perception. She approaches subjects by choosing to photograph them for what they yield in the inverse. She also experiments with building three-dimensional “false negatives,” the inverse documentation of which is akin to a “positive.” Through these processes she employs sculpture, painting, performance, photography and video to play with the story of color and the behavior of light.

I see my artwork as investigations, conducted through moving images, three dimensional sculptures and still images. I investigate ideas of looking and seeing in a theoretical sense and as a physical act – exploring how we see more than our eyes do. Our eyes can deceive us- the brain plays a significant role in creating what we “actually see.”

Exhibition is part the Helsinki Photography Biennial 2012 program.

The exhibition has been kindly supported by the Alfred Kordelin

Open hours during Easter holidays:
Good Friday 6.4.2012: Open 12-16
Saturday 7.4.2012: Open 12-16
Easter Day 8.4.2012: Open 12-16