• Asuttautumisia Rotterdamilaisittain


Art of Inhabitation

Uudenmaankatu 22.11.-3.12.2006

Art of Inhabitation,
Asuttautumisia rotterdamilaisittain
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Galleria Huuto Viiskulma and Uudenmaankatu present a joint exhibition by twelve Rotterdam-based artists. Participating artists – Nic Bezemer, Kim Bouvy, Jason Coburn, Noëlle Cuppens, Peter Dijkshoorn, Rolf Engelen, Marjan Greijn, Dineke van Huizen, Aletta de Jong, Chris van Mulligen, Christine Saalfeld, and Nayv – discuss the art of inhabitation, namely the various ways of experiencing and interacting with the environment we live in.

The artworks contemplate subject matters as diverse as architecture to house plants: Aletta de Jong presents a selection from ongoing video series which traces different ways to perceive home, and in which people describe their own homes by using various objects. The piece traces different ways to perceive home. Noëlle Cuppens covers furniture with felt and creates installations where these everyday objects produce their own, strange and alienated worlds. Rolf Engelen’s ”Vlinderbuurt becomes neighbourhood of twigs” draws attention to the way we relate to nature and shared space – the piece made in Rotterdam consists of thousand bronze twigs affi xed to the facades of the houses. Kim Bouvy is interested in the various visual and textual ways cities brand themselves. Some of the works situate outside gallery space: With her installation on square
Fredrikintori Marjan Greijn studies appreciations of the beautiful and artifi cial. Moreover, the exhibition raises questions about a change of environment: The population densities, climates, and histories of The Netherlands and Finland are very diverse. How does this affect the works, artists and viewers?

In connection with the exhibition HIAP project space hosts an event “Art of inhabitation presents: Locating Rotterdam” on Wednesday 22nd November 6 to 8 pm. In addition the participating artists are presented in a publication Art of inhabitation (Proba 0004 -series, Studio 3005, 60 pages).

Opening on 21st November, 18–20. WELCOME!

The exhibition is produced by Galleria Huuto with Annu Wilenius, Saara Hacklin, Tiina Mielonen and Dineke van Huizen, in behalf of Stichting Kaus Australis, as project managers.

The exhibition has been realised with support from Arts Council of Finland, The British Council, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in
Helsinki, Juustoliike Lentävä Lehmä, ProAV and Studio 3005.

Further information: Annu Wilenius, annuwilenius(at)hotmail.com, GSM 050 4066907