• Saara-Maria Kariranta
  • Saara-Maria Kariranta

Saara-Maria Kariranta


Jätkä 2 3.8.-18.8.2013

Balance – sculptures / installation
Saara-Maria Kariranta
Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari 2
3.8. – 18.8.2013

Balance can be translated into a bank account statement of wealth or as equality in weight.
In Finnish language, there are no terms of their own for these two distinct meanings.
I have merged the terms in this exhibition, the balance of the distribution of available matter in society in terms of consumption and appropriation and at the same time more tangible matter
distributed amongst individual sculptures or the entire exhibition space.

“Is it the economy, (and?) the capitalist policy manipulated by the economy in balance?”
“What happens to a structure when the focal point is not in the center?” – I ask
business institutions, finance companies and credit rating agencies. But they do not respond,
staring at the back with blind eyes, muted by materialism.

I have built an installation, not to make claims, not to solve anything, but to tell a short story about an economy, which a sudden gust of wind whistles through by a sudden gust of wind.