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Heidi Lahtinen, Laura Pakarinen


Viiskulma 5.12.-23.12.2012

Heidi Lahtinen and Laura Pakarinen
Galleria Huuto Viiskulma
5th of December-23th of December 2012

The paintings by artists Heidi Lahtinen and Laura Pakarinen explore the tension between all-embracing emptiness and intensive presence.

The name of the exhibition refers to something undefined between breaths. It is also a metaphor for the communication that takes place between the artists’ works.

Pakarinen’s works are characterized by narratives and a representational style as well as the strength in small gestures. Lahtinen’s paintings, on the other hand, hide the content and seem to avoid a direct and immediate interpretation. After all, she is more interested in the background, the imprint on the canvas, than the surface.

– Antonio Mikael Sedita

“Laura’s paintings are tiny, compact and strong like a sudden breath, while Heidi’s paintings are like a sigh – quiet and unassuming. We have been working at the same studio for years and our paintings constantly observe each other and therefore they never drift too far apart.”
– Heidi and Laura

Heidi Lahtinen (b. 1984) and Laura Pakarinen (b. 1983) both studied at the Free Art School and graduated in 2011. Pakarinen began further studies at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in the autumn of 2012.

Heidi Lahtinen +358 (0)44 336 6746, heidi70cm(at)gmail.com
Laura Pakarinen +358 (0)40 552 1434, laura.h.m.pakarinen(at)gmail.com