• Robin Lindqvist
  • Let's be Frank (nr.1-4)
  • Let's be Frank (nr.1-4)
  • Let's be Frank (nr.1-4)
  • Let's be Frank (nr.1-4)
  • Let's be Frank (nr.1-4)
  • On Truth and Lies in a Non-moral Sense
  • Narrow Road
  • One horizontal (For Barnett Newman)
  • Painting seen in a dream
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  • Dreaming in Red

Robin Lindqvist


Viiskulma 24.10.-11.11.2012

Robin Lindqvist
Black Birdsong Blue
Galleria Huuto Viiskulma
24th of October-11th of November 2012

The exhibition “Black Birdsong Blue” shows recent paintings by Robin Lindqvist.

For this exhibition the artist has compiled a series of line-paintings, works balancing between drawing and painting. The monochrome painting, and its various positions in art-history, has served as a loose starting point for the artists own investigations of line and color. The paintings have been stripped down to these two fundamentals in order to clarify the ideas. The relation between pictorial space and the physicality of the painting is a reoccurring theme in Lindqvists works. Like parallel universes the imaginary space and the actual surface coexist. One of them is fiction. One of them is fact. And together they provide a place for the artists ideas to manifest.

Robin Lindqvist was born 1979 in Sweden. Since 2006 he has been living and working in Helsinki. In 2011 he received his MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

The exhibition at Gallery Huuto runs parallel to Lindqvists exhibition “Blue Birdsong Black” at Gallery Bergman, Uudenmankatu 23C, Helsinki.

The exhibition is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.