• Sami Klemola

Sami Klemola


Viiskulma 14.2.-25.2.2007

”Brainwash”, the sound installation of composer Sami Klemola, in gallery Huuto in Viiskulma.

The interactive installation, composed of electronic sounds and recycled showers, allows the gallery visitors to influence the soundscape resonating in the gallery space. The installation explores the boundaries of surrealism, where the habitual conventions of everyday life no longer apply. Klemola promises that every visitor’s brain will be washed by the resonance of sound, and afterwards the world may sound, and seem, a little different.

Sami Klemola is a composer living and working in Helsinki. He has been studying composing and electronic music in Sibelius-Academy, Amsterdam conservatory and IRCAM in Paris. Brainwash is his first sound installation.

Consept and programming: Sami Klemola.

Electronic planning: Jonte Knif.

Electronic realisation: Lari Lätti and Tuomas Eriksson.

The installation is supported by Sibelius-Academy centre for developing artistic work, National council for music, AVEK and public works department of City of Helsinki / recycling centre.

Thanks: Sibelius-Academy centre for Music and Technology / Andrew Bentley and Santtu Valve, Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design / Anssi Nuutinen,

Media Lab Helsinki / Ilpo Kari.

For mor info: Sami Klemola 0505477173 sklemola(at)siba.fi www.fimic.fi/klemola