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Sebastian Lindberg


Uudenmaankatu 27.1.-14.2.2010

Sebastian Lindberg
27.1. – 14.2.2010
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Artist Sebastian Lindberg (born 1978 in Helsinki) works mainly with video and video installations.

The theme of his current exhibition is the relation between national identity and something more disinherited that is the result of a world changed by global capitalism and technology.

The previous solo exhibition of Lindberg, called “Platform” and held at the Galleri Sinne gallery in Helsinki, also dealt with abovementioned theme. The majority of the material was collected at the IKEA store in China. Contrary to this in the new exhibition, “Citizen”, most of the material is from Helsinki.

See the videotrailer of the exhibithion:

TRAILER FOR THE EXHIBITHION: KANSALAINEN MEDBORGARE (“Citizen”) from Carl Sebastian Lindberg on Vimeo.

The exhibithion has been kindly supported by:

Avek – Media-Art, Eugène, Elisabeth och Birgit Nygréns stiftelse

Contact info:

Sebastian Lindberg

Tel: 045-6511441