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Mark Ståhle


Viiskulma 27.7.-7.8.2005

Collage art can work as a simulation of the flood of irrational and random observations from which we try to find meaning. Advertisements, magazines and package covers are filled with gross caricatures, which urge me to participate in this visual orgy by reorganizing it.

I’m inspired by the fact that the material I use, was originally created for something else. It has the touch of the world. If I were to make the same artwork with Photoshop, or for example by drawing it, this touch would be gone. All the junk that sail around us, unintentionally reveal different aspects of human nature. When taken out of context, they can get new absurd and sometimes even grotesque meanings.

I feel collage art is closely related to the visual expression of graphic novels, animation and cinema. All these build on split up images and their interrelations. And as in my work, these also often find clichés, stereotypes and caricatures to be useful and fun.

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