• Anna Hyrkkänen

Anna Hyrkkänen


Uudenmaankatu 20.2.-2.3.2008

Anna Hyrkkänen
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

First there’s a path, then a rock face. I climb up and cross the brook. I stop. The rays of light sparkle on the surface of the pond. The reflection of a young birch tree can be seen on the still water. I’m enchanted.

When wandering in nature, I can feel it with all my senses. I observe, and I outline pictures in my mind. As well as a picture, a view is an experience; affected by my previous experiences, habits and interests. I am the architect of my own view. I frame experiences into pictures.

I’m interested in how we frame and build views in our mind; and how experiences in nature might have new effects on our thoughts, making us slow down. Constructed nature can also act as a meditative surroundings. A good example of this is the Japanese garden, which is simple yet atmospheric.

For me, views and nature are strongly linked to my childhood experiences. The more intensely I experience and get enchanted in nature, the more sensitive my experiences get. My ideas of nature spread and open subconscious corners in my mind. My imagination flows in a new way.

My installation ’Crossing’ is closely connected to rambling and observing in nature. My childhood experiences, tinged with fantasy and dreamlikeness, have played their part in creating the work. ‘Crossing’, combines different forms of experience: esthetics, playfulness, and scenery.

The exhibition has been supported by the Alli ja Allan Salon wrillisrahasto fund.

Additional info: Anna Hyrkkänen anna.hyrkkanen@tehdasry.fi, tel. +358 40 7274572