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Paula Ervamaa & Miia Änäkkälä

Dancing in the desert with the big boys Slowmotion deathdancing in crystal drops

Uudenmaankatu 17.1.-28.1.2007

Paula Ervamaa & Miia Änäkkälä
Dancing in the desert with the big boys, Slowmotion deathdancing in crystal drops
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Paintings and drawings

Art is no mans land. It is a map of human mind with its black spots. Life is imperfect, and that is one motive to research it.

The works in exhibition join into a collective attempt to explain the world. The pictures come from the collective consciousness. Being a human is paradox, on the one hand there is need to hide, and on the other hand there is necessity of exposing. There is also need to give a shape to something that we all feel and know, but what is hidden inside of us.

Paula Ervamaa leads us to absurd world where simultaneous of opposite things exists. Emotional layers turn into slowmotion happenings on the surface of the pictures. Layers lead us to twilight zones where damped voices echos through the subconscious. The handling of the material opens the inner world of the paintings. A painting is a surface between two worlds, the one we can see and the other which we cannot see.

Miia Änäkkälä understands painting as fysical action. Painting is like awakening. The appereance of picture is like the moment when the flashlight flashes the shadows away from the landscape. Visions arises as pictures, scenes. And before the darkness falls again you can see behind the scene, things, existence.

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