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Saana Murtti


Uudenmaankatu 1.8.-19.8.2012

Saana Murtti
1.8. – 19.8.2012
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

The works included in this exhibition are based on the interpretation of how interaction forms. In reference to Martin Buber’s (1878–1965) approach, the relationship to another individual and the surrounding world takes place through alteration of dual communication. A tendency to objectify and categorize in a relationship with another person and the world creates a distance. A dialogical approach, where the other person is not defined from one’s own perspective, but instead is faced as something that cannot be defined, something that is unknown, builds the possibility for an encounter. The themes of the works are related to depicting the change between the formation, absence and presence of interaction, which also introduces the theme of disappearance.

I wish to thank Svenska Kulturfonden for their support.

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