• Tiina Lamminen
  • piirustus paperille 35 x 25 cm, 2006
  • maalaus paperille 35 x 25 cm, 2006



Viiskulma 2.8.-13.8.2006

At Gallery Huuto, in Viiskulma, my studies of Rocks and Shopping List Objects are currently exhibited.

In the Rock pieces I have brought together two aspects that are meaningful to me as an artist. These are, first of all, my keen, occasionally even to myself, interest in Art in minimalist shape and secondly, the mere joy of drawing.

The Shopping List objects are original shopping lists that people have thrown away which I have been collecting during the past year. They have been forgotten in shopping trolleys, or they end up on the high end of escalators or outside grocery stores. Every list is different speaking volumes about the person behind each list. I have worked some of this material into poetry. The focus of my book of poems: Maidot, hienoa sokeria – Milk, fine sugar – is on everyday simplicity, the type of knowledge not always considered that important, or deeply held visual insights.

I am pleased to invite You to visit my solo Exhibition at Gallery Huuto.

Tiina Lamminen
+358 503646674
Tiina Lamminen/ www.kuvataitelijamatrikkeli.fi