• Jukka Hautamäki
  • Empyrean

Jukka Hautamäki


Jätkä 2 25.1.-9.2.2014

Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 2

Artist Jukka Hautamäki (b.1971) works with used and discarded consumer goods, electronics, sound and video. His works, which are often presented in the form of an installation, are supported by sound and visual imagery. Hautamäki places everyday objects and materials into new contexts and forms. The emphasis is often on the reciprocal dynamic between the individual works and the overall mood of the exhibition.

Hautamäki’s new installation at Gallery Huuto titled Empyrean (~ highest heaven) is a study of decontextualisation of material.

In Empyrean a pile of discarded plastic packaging is given a new use when it’s transformed into a digital landscape. The view is framed through a video camera, and changing lighting conditions set the mood for the landscape. The work fluctuates between two and three-dimensional states and appears through seemingly self-replicating imagery, revealing also that which is left out of sight.

Empyrean forms a two-part installation work with Instruo, which is being shown at the Kuva/Tila Gallery in Merimiehenkatu 36. The works investigate similar themes but through different approaches: Empyrean uses digital technology and the viewer is posited in the role of an observer. Instruo on the other hand is made with analogue technique and encourages the viewer to engage with its projections.

Hautamäki’s works have been shown in solo and group shows in Finland and abroad. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Muu Gallery in Helsinki and group shows at the Baltic Biennale in St. Petersburg and in Avatar Center in Quebec.

Empyrean is part of Hautamäki’s final work for the MA in sculpture which he is currently finishing at The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

For more information please see:
www.jukkahautamaki.com / jukhau(at)gmail.com / 050 354 8866