• Annick Ligtermoet & Gry Rask Sørensen

Annick Ligtermoet & Gry Rask Sørensen

In May 2017 artists Gry Rask Sørensen (NO) and Annick Ligtermoet (NL) spent two weeks on a small patch of land on the Lofoten islands. When being isolated between the mountains and the sea for extended periods, changes in the environment seem to become more prominent by the day. The tide, ever-changing but always constant, becomes an undeniable presence. With the mountains looming large, this relatively short strip of the sea known as the intertidal zone opened up and offered a whole new world to be discovered.

Tidevann (Norwegian for ‘tide’) is about changes in natural processes. The exhibition shows the results of artistic and material research that started at an artist residency at Villa Lofoten. The tide became the core of the project; this natural phenomenon that is in constant flux, creating its own environment between the land and the sea. Many of the materials used in this project are found in the intertidal zone: seaweed, stones, salt and water. The resulting works are a materialisation of the fragile and fleeting aspects of the tide, connecting nature with the human psyche.

Rask Sørensen and Ligtermoet worked individually while keeping an active conversation. Using mainly natural materials, Rask Sørensen dyed cotton with seaweed and lichen, while Ligtermoet created new materials out of seaweed and bioplastics. In the exhibition, sculptures made of salt and seaweed are surrounded by weaves and embroideries, ceramics and photographs. In Tidevann certainty is lost; where some of the works are permanent by nature, others are ephemeral and would dissolve in water.

Gry Rask Sørensen (1987, NO) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. In her works, she uses existing structures that she combines with techniques such as weaving, embroidery and textile print. Rask Sørensen examines physical and formal contrasts: hard/soft, precision/irregularity and geometry/ free form while looking to balance these contrasts. In Tidevann she continues working within these subjects, where she questions how materials can create moods and atmospheres through textures and surfaces. Rask Sørensen is a graduate from Oslo National Academy Of The Arts. Her work has been shown at Podium (Oslo, NO) and Kjerringråkk (Bodø, NO) among others and she is currently exhibiting at Nordnorsken (NO).

Annick Ligtermoet (1983, NL) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Having worked mainly with photography and installation, with Tidevann, she expands her working methods to sculpture. Ligtermoet’s work is characteristic in its strong atmosphere, where dark tones have a significant presence. She focuses on themes such as permanence versus impermanence, cultural identity and the natural world. Ligtermoet is a BA graduate from The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, NL. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at Bang Bang Gallery (Helsinki, FI), Kahmann Gallery (Amsterdam, NL), Horton Gallery (NY, USA), Unseen Amsterdam (NL) and Les Rencontres de la photographie d’Arles (FR) among many others.

This exhibition is sponsored by Helsingin Puupalvelu.