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Uudenmaankatu 2.4.-13.4.2008

Mirka Raito
They Don’t Tell It to Anyone
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

My new pictures portray scenes.
The main motive is often observed from the kind of hiding place; from the dark cellar, through the branches or behind the tree. Composition creates an intimate bilateral athmosphere, feeling of spying. Figures deep in their thoughts; threatening nightly atmospheres; secretly observing pairs of eyes. The scene usually takes place in the woods or in a park.

I found the name for the exhibition from a Finnish folk poem. The poem tells a story of a lonely person who speaks with the trees. This person fears that other people in the village would transform the intimate feelings into gossip. It is better to utter them in the woods to the ears of leaves and willows. What fascinates me in this poem is the wistful atmosphere and the connection to the nature. My pictures convey a similar kind of environment.

I am more anticipating the story in my paintings than trying to explain it thoroughly. The logic is dreamlike.

Opening is at 1st of april 18-20pm. Welcome!

040 874 7149, mail at mirkaraito.com