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Jenni Markkanen


Uudenmaankatu 13.11.-1.12.2013

Jenni Markkanen

Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

13 November – 1 December 2013

* “I am making my debut! Yes. After all this searching, I know what I am. I
am a performing artist. Now I know and I have presented myself with a
challenge – everything has to come from me now. The camera cannot move
anymore. The camera will only determine the space that I have to fill with
my performance. Of course I still paint, but it has a different meaning
now. It is now a part of my props, a tool for telling a story. And that’s
not all. I also play instruments and sing, but will it work? Will I make
it? I don’t know. If I manage to get you to watch the entire performance,
then maybe. And if I get the chance to continue after this… What will I
grow into? Who knows! I just ask you to come. Please, come see it! I now
need an audience more than ever before.” *

Jenni Markkanen (b. 1986) is a Helsinki-based artist. Her art explores the
nature of an artistic process through stories that she tells in the form of
videos, installations and live performances. The aspect of
self-portraiture, the experimental use of various mediums and thematic
variation is characteristic of her works. She studied painting at the
Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, but graduated in 2012 by doing clay
sculptures and narrative videos.

Further information:

+358 44 283 0186

jenni (at) jennimarkkanen.com