• Joka pojalla on siivet olkapäissä... (Paperijättiläiset), 2013
  • Shine On, 2013
  • Remember Your Dreams - Carpe Diem, 2013
  • Proudly Me, 2013
  • Lintu vai kala, 2013
  • Höyrypää, 2013
  • Fire Of Unknown Origin, 2013

Paula Puoskari

FREAKS – paintings and paper giants

Uudenmaankatu 27.3.-14.4.2013

Paula Puoskari
FREAKS – paintings and paper giants
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

(Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu is closed on Good Friday, 29 March.)

This is for you who
Go your own way, push back the boundaries and create confusion and annoyance
And for wild dreams:
Shine on

This exhibition pays homage to those who have had the courage to go their own way – maybe by choosing a marginal group or maybe by provoking. They have encouraged many others faced with life’s choices or just kept our values and society moving by creating confusion. They have underlined the importance of believing in the craziest dreams by reminding us that every boy and girl has wings on their back…


Paula Puoskari is a painter who completed her studies at the Free Art School in 2008. Before pursuing a career in the arts, she worked as a lawyer. This is her seventh solo exhibition. Puoskari continues the idea of expressive competition between mass and layers in her new oil paintings. She looks for a pure, primitive style of expression in her figures, a style that doesn’t avoid ugliness, a style that values traditions and considers rough to be beautiful. Rising to ceiling height, the paper giants have been created on Japanese paper with acrylic paints. What is characteristic of these figures is their primitive and elongated “Giacometti-like” shape.