• MiraKankaanranta: Horros, 47x37cm, öljy kankaalle, 2017
  • Mira Kankaanranta: Halaus, 110x100cm, öljy kankaalle, 2017
  • Mira Kankaanranta: Pitkä odotus, 41x35cm, öljy kankaalle, 2017
  • Mira Kankaanranta: Pitkä odotus (II),41x35cm, öljy kankaalle,2017
  • Mira Kankaanranta: Pitkä odotus (III), 41x35cm, öljy kankaalle, 2017
  • Mira Kankaanranta: Lintutorni, 70x75cm, öljy kankaalle, 2017
  • Mira Kankaanranta: Poissa, 100x100cm, öljy kankaalle, 2017

Mira Kankaanranta


Jätkä 2 10.2.-4.3.2018

Mira Kankaanranta
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Jätkä 2
10.2. – 4.3.2018.

“I don’t know what to tell about my paintings. Is there anything to tell? Silent, still figures on canvas. A dream-like, closed place from where they are trying to establish a connection to the outside world – or I don’t know if they are even trying. Through my paintings, I have examined the creation of a connection to another person and oneself, communication or mainly the lack thereof. How difficult it is to be present and just stay still without one’s mind wandering somewhere else. Painting is impossible if I’m not able to be focused and present. Calming down in front of paintings feels like a safe haven and an escape from the demands of the surrounding world. I paint with oil paints without an exact plan or sketches, seeking a balance between slow deliberation and quick spontaneity. Human vulnerability, incompleteness and transience are themes around which I paint.”

Mira Kankaanranta (born 1983 in Helsinki, grew up in Tornio) has a degree in fine arts from the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. She lives and works in Helsinki.