• Nikita Rafaelov & Risto Kämäräinen
  • Nikita Rafaelov

Welcome to the Huuto! -klubi on 3rd April from 7 pm!

Huuto! -klubi is a new music art club: spontaneous encounters of different artists, art forms and their collaborations in a form of live performance serves as a main conceptual idea here! Whether it is music, spoken word, theather etc., there are no rules nor boundaries!

The club is held in a beautiful and inspiring Galleria Huuto, located in the heart of Helsinki in Kamppi region. It is a monthly thing, which will be happening during the first week of a new exhibition. On the second edition of Huuto! -klubi you will experience two live performances. First set is an exhibition inspired improvisation, performed by brothers Risto and Jaakko Kämäräinen on acoustic guitar and bass. In the second set artists Saaramaria Kuittinen, Johannes Sarjasto, Josu Mämmi and Nikita Rafaelov will combine spoken word with an acoustic self built wooden instruments, piano, electronic synthesis and live sampling, constructing a partly improvised experimental musical performance.

Jaakko Kämäräinen is a experienced musician, who is best known for his work as a bass player for Olavi Uusivirta

Saaramaria Kuittinen is a playwriter and spoken word artist, and hers written acts has been performed in London and Helsinki. She placed second in last years poetry slam Finnish national competition.

Johannes Sarjasto is a musician who works in a music and performing arts field. On this evening he will be performing on a self built wooden instruments and alto saxophone

Josu Mämmi is an electronic musician with influences from micro house, minimal techno, modern contemporary art music and ambient with hints of pop aesthetics and idm.

Musicians Nikita Rafaelov and Risto Kämäräinen are hosts of the Huuto! -klubi

You can also meet artists from ongoing exhibitions: Antti-Ville Reinikainen, Sampo Laaksonen, Emma Nurminen and Pauliina Heinänen.

Live performances starts at 19. Free entry!

Come and hang with us in this inspiring environment, enjoy live performances and ongoing exhibitions over a glass of wine, meet and connect with new people, share your ideas and thoughts on whatever topics!

On the same day there is Gallery Wednesday, when galleries keep the doors open until evening!

More information about Gallery Wednesday: