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Heini Nieminen


Viiskulma 22.8.-9.9.2012

“Who said that the gods live in the heavens?
No, let me tell you once and for all:
Both the gods and the devils live in the sea.”

-Abilio Estevez-

The first thing I do when I get there is go to the shore to see if the sea is still there and what it looks like. I always stand quietly in the same spot looking at the same scenery, but it never looks the same. I have noticed that year after year I admire and photograph the same scenery but it is never entirely familiar to me. The place is the same, but the space where I stand and the scenery I look at are constantly changing. I focus on the sea, the colors, the changes of the surface and spatial observations. The Indian Ocean is another place where I can breathe – its infinity, color spectrum and unpredictability is amazing.

Time is the most significant reason for change. It affects the weather and light that make space go through a constant transformation. The constant observation of change and the desire to understand force me to stop all movement, both around me and my own movement. My aim is to depict a place and the space around it at a specific moment, as a fraction of a certain time and situation, but still as a larger part of an entity that is constantly changing. I do this by photographing and recording sounds, water, situations and events in the same place at different times and in different conditions – in calm, windy, cloudy and sunny weather. Even the smallest change in the weather alters the entire scenery.

When taking photographs, I often use a serial mode which makes it easier for me to demonstrate a change that would otherwise be difficult for the viewer to notice. Even though I have adopted a partly scientific approach to documenting the scenery, my own choices, personal experiences and preferences affect what I see and look at. I rebuild the scenery from small pieces in a very meditative manner, building a picture of pieces that did exist but creating scenery that has never existed.

Heini Nieminen

The exhibition has been supported by the Kotka Cultural Center.

Night of Arts, Thursday 23 August, open from 12 to 9 pm.