• LÄHTÖ (DEPARTURE), guassi ja värikynät paperille (gouache and color pencils on paper), 33 x 27cm, 2015
  • LAPSEN KATSE (CHILDS EYES), akvarelli, muste, värikynä ja hiili merikartalle (watercolor, ink, color pencil and charcoal on marine chart), 61 x 91cm, 2016
  • EKSYNYT (LOST), muste, akvarelli ja värikynät paperille (ink, watercolor and color pencils on paper), 33 x 27cm, 2015
  • ELÄMÄSI ON KUIN MARKKINAPAIKKA (YOUR LIFE IS LIKE A MARKET PLACE), akvarelli, muste, grafiitti ja hiili merikartalle (watercolor, ink, graphite and charcoal on marine chart), 66 x 50cm, 2016
  • PYHÄ PAIKKA (SACRET PLACE), muste, guassi, värikynät ja grafiitti merikartalle (ink, gouache, color pencils and graphite on marine chart), 46 x 54cm, 2016
  • BENSIINI (PETROL), muste, akvarelli ja värikynät merikartalle (ink, water color and color pencils on marine chart), 51 x 70cm, 2016
  • Johanna Sipilä: Illuminations
  • SYVÄT ONKALOT (DEEP CAVITIES), muste, akvarelli ja grafiitti paperille (ink, water color and graphite on paper), 20 x 16cm, 2016
  • PAPPI (PRIEST), muste ja guassi merikartalle (ink and gouache on marine chart), 66 x 47cm, 2016
  • HURMOS (TRANCE), muste ja akvarelli paperille (ink and watercolor on paper), 30 x 30cm, 2015
  • VALOONTUMINEN (TO BECOME A LIGHT), muste, guassi, akryyli ja grafiitti merikartoille (ink, gouache, acrylic, and graphite on marine charts), 188 x 150 cm, 2016
  • JOE, muste, akryyli ja värikynät pahville (ink, acrylic and color pencils on cardboard), 42 x 30cm, 2016



Jätkä 2 10.9.-25.9.2016

Johanna Sipilä
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Jätkä 2

The ideas for the works featured in the exhibition were developed while traveling and during residency periods. I came up with themes and ideas in Benin, Togo, Catalonia, Mexico and Budapest and while driving across North America and along the Balkan Peninsula coast. The themes are related to encounters, being on the move, situations, visual wonderment and admiration. I have often had Arthur Rimbaud’s book Illuminations with me when traveling and my exhibition has also been named after the book. The name of the book is based on the concept of painted plates. It can also refer to enlightenment. Away from everyday life, when on the move one often gains little new insights that one can keep in their mind and use as a guiding principle at least for a little while. Traveling without fear and compulsion increases one’s love for the world and other people and some people encountered while traveling leave a strong impression.

The exhibition features drawings and paintings based on my memories and notes. The works have been created during residency periods and later at my studio. I have wanted my paintings to preserve a sketch-like nature, a limited palette and lightness of material as, due to practical reasons, these aspects are required when traveling.


Enough seen. The vision has been encountered in all
Enough had. Sounds of cities, in the evening, and in
sunlight, and always.
Enough known. The stations of life. –O Sounds and
Departure amid new noise and affection!

(Arthur Rimbaud,
English translation by John Ashbury)