• Anna Tahkola: Illuusioita ja deluusioita
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  • Anna Tahkola: Illuusioita ja deluusioita

Anna Tahkola


Jätkä 1 22.8.-7.9.2014

Anna Tahkola
Illusions and delusions
22 August – 7 September 2014
Galleria Huuto / Jätkäsaari 1

Opening on the Night of the Arts, Thursday 21 August, 6–8 pm. Welcome!

The exhibition features drawings that explore the possibilities of seeing reality as such or in an entirely different way. The themes of the drawings are people and mental landscapes.

An illusion is a distortion of perception which has a positive ring to it. An illusion is a beautiful image, faith in good and the possibility of happiness. A delusion is more comprehensive. It has a heavier meaning, it is a false belief, suspicion, unnecessary fear or a misunderstanding.

Between the world and oneself, there is a moat of illusions and delusions that one can try to cross along the bridges of empathy and questioning. Between the world and the work is me, the misnarrator.

Confusion from face to face, the illusions of world views as a space between people. I think I understand, but do I understand anything else except for what fits into my own story? The fragments of understanding always have a sea of confusion around them. It is the primordial sea of new opportunities.

They say that sense is the tool to truth. That makes no sense.

In order to change the world, you first have to change your illusions.

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Anna Tahkola (b. 1983) is a Helsinki-based artist. She will soon complete her fine arts studies at Aalto University. This exhibition is part of her master’s thesis.