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Katri Lassila


Uudenmaankatu 3.1.-14.1. 2007

Katri Lassila
Ilmaranta – Éire – Finis Terrae
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Finis Terrae – the land’s end.The place or the border where the land disappears, becomes one with sky or water, clouds and mist. This exhibit is the first in the series of three exhibitions called Finis Terrae. It consists of black and white photographs taken in Ireland in the spring 2006. The focal point of the exhibition series is my photography book Ilmanranta – Vedenraja -Finis Terrae, which will be published in 2007. The theme of this first exhibition is the endlessness of the sky, the infinity of its borders. I present also a portfolio consisting a collection of photographs from the exhibition. The exhibition and the portfolio are both part of my final work from the University of Art and Design of Helsinki.

All my photographs are hand made silvergelatin prints. In the shadow parts can be seen the darkness of red shady darkroom, in the contrasts can be tasted the bitterness of several toners. In photography I’m fascinated by the possibility of letting go the time we’re living in and the illusion of timelessness. While looking at my pictures it’s often hard to tell during which decade or even century they were taken. I rather work as observer, but my photographs are not documentary. I print them in darkroom as I saw the places and moments, which differs from the objective image quite a lot sometimes. Nevertheless, my subject is the world around me, its beauty and breathtaking magnitude.

“The material of the artist lies not within himself
nor in the fabrications of his imagination,
but in the world around him.”
– Paul Strand

katri.lassila( at )uiah.fi
041-456 3336