• Tatu Gustafsson: Instant Crash
  • Tatu Gustafsson: Kestävyys (Endurance), 2018 ,Kirja, merenjää, lasikulho
  • Tatu Gustafsson: Kestävyys (Endurance), 2018 ,Kirja, merenjää, lasikulho
  • Tatu Gustafsson: Late Essays, 2018, Myöhässä oleva kirjastokirja, lasi
  • Tatu Gustafsson: Power Nap, 2018, Käytetty turvatyyny
  • Tatu Gustafsson: Power Nap, 2018, Käytetty turvatyyny

Tatu Gustafsson

Instant Crash

Uusi Jätkä 10.3.-1.4.2018

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Tatu Gustafsson
Instant crash
Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari – Uusi Jätkä
10.3. – 1.4.2018

Previously he hadn’t paid much attention to them, even though they had always been with him no matter where he went. They had appeared but not out of nowhere. Like an illness, they had developed from minor suspicions. They were at the same time both possible and impossible. They had always formed him, but now they existed to him for the first time.

The past had been like a suitcase that can be pulled, one of those with little wheels. However, now the past had stopped, it was stuck.

In principle this would not have bothered him because he knew many people who had experienced this… Or that’s what he thought anyway. These people had probably just let go and moved on, further away until the past was nothing but a little piece of plastic in the ocean.

In this case the above-mentioned option seemed simple but not possible. The problem was that the future was pressing him against the past. The only thing in between was him. The future had previously resembled a poorly trained dog that just keeps pulling itself and also the walker forward. However, now it wouldn’t budge. He was stuck and could barely breathe.

Had the time stopped? No. Everything kept moving on like before. Starlight, waves… everything that knows nothing of stopping. In principle nothing had happened.

There were just consequences.

Oceans, symbols of freedom, were melted glaciers, childhood memories were merely a surplus of social structures. From this moment on, food on the plate would be a carbon footprint and hero grown-ups would be traitors. Sunlight would be thorns in the ozone layer instead of a tan.

He would have given anything to have everything as it used to be.

He who had always thought he was free.

Tatu Gustafsson is a visual artist born in Perniö in 1979. Gustafsson graduated from the Turku Arts Academy in 2012 and from the Academy of Fine Arts (University of the Arts Helsinki) in 2015.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

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