• Kaarina Haka

Kaarina Haka


Viiskulma 2.3.-13.3. 2005

My work is often mere films of pigmented acrylate glue without a
canvas of any kind. And when I paint, I paint on insulation sheets or
party balloons. The glue enables me to combine rather unusual materials and the form of my work varies from transparent films to sculptures. It can be presented on walls of varying shapes and structures, thanks to the flexibility of the glue.

I think of a gallery room as a canvas for a composition put together of various pieces of my work. In setting up the work I aim at making use of the characteristics of the show-room in question, such as the windows, the ventilation hatches, different wall surfaces and so on, including these details as a part of the whole. The film-like transparency is an effect used for deconstructing the special limitations the room. Being attached directly to the wall surface the film seems to dissolve into the structures. The aspects of heaviness and depth are dealt with by setting several films on top of each other. The surprising combinations of materials challeng the conventional definitions of painting. At what point does a painting transform into an installatio or a sculpture?