• Katariina Salmijärvi


Katariina Salmijärvi

Uudenmaankatu 10.5.-21.5.2006

Katariina Salmijärvi
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
10.5. – 21.5.2006

During the preparation of this exhibition I have pondered over the constructions of my thinking. How do I think? What kind of parts does my thoughts consist of and how do these settle in my mind?

How do thoughts appear and where do they come from? What becomes essential and what secondary? How do thoughts connect with earlier ones, how do they mix and affect each other and become new ones? Am I aware of all my thoughts and what does my entire world of thoughts look like?

The artworks are made with mixed media on paper and on MDF-boards.

Katariina Salmijärvi phone: 0400 010 350,
email: katariina.salmijarvi(at)galleriahuuto.net