Maija Blåfield

Maija Blåfield’s lost and found office

Viiskulma 2.2.-13.2.2005

The archives of Maija Blåfield’s lost and found office are open at Gallery Huuto. Glimpses of moments from somewhere along the way, have been living their own lives and ended up in this lost and found office.

The other work in the exhibition is an adventure documentary “Saving the world”. The film looks at the reality and the experience of it through the eyes of artist’s friend Marcel Bloemendal. In the film he takes a place of a travelguide for todays world. Marcel has schizophrenia, which he describes the following way:
“If I did not have it I could be just boring and average, but now I can save the world.”
The film is shown as a videoinstallation. It has been made during five last years and is produced by Kinotar, supported by AVEK and YLE co-productuions