• Marjo Hallila, Galleria Huuto
  • Marjo Hallila - Notes of Emotions II, 300 cm x 90 cm, Akryyli kankaalle, 2016, Kuva: Paulina Mirowska
  • Marjo Hallila - Notes of Emotions VII, 2017, 315 cm x 90 cm Akryyli kankaalle, Kuva: Paulina Mirowska
  • Marjo Hallila - Notes of Emotions III, 2016, 308 cm x 90 cm, Akryyli kankaalle, Kuva: Paulina Mirowska

Marjo Hallila

Space and Emotions

Huuto III 23.7.-15.8.2021

Marjo Hallila
Space and Emotions

You can meet the artist at the gallery on 14 and 15 August between 12 pm and 5 pm.

Space and Emotions is a group of abstract paintings that have been created through interaction between time and place, emotions and impressions.

The places where we live, the places that we pass and the places where we return. They leave their mark on us and affect our lives and our existence. Our impressions of places are fastened to our bodies and minds as memories, emotions and feelings. My paintings are created based on these impressions, experiences and emotions. They take shape and move in time and place. They are sort of after-images, memories of moments that no longer exist.

During my painting process, I explore and test the relationship between abstract painting, emotions and sensory perception. I develop the interaction between and the expression of time and place-related feelings, colors, surfaces, shapes and space. My aim is to create emotionally effective works with minimal elements.

I rely on intuition while working. At the beginning, I am always honest and curious, open and sincere, ready to encounter the new work. The essential question behind my painting process is to do with the relationship between perception, experiences, emotions and feelings: When you look at something, what do you see, and when you see something, what do you feel?

My work has been supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

MARJO HALLILA earned a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, in 2017 and from the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2005. The artist currently lives and works in Sörkänmäki in Central Finland. Hallila specializes in experimental contemporary printmaking and abstract painting and she also works with photography and her secret love, poster art. An interdisciplinary, experimental and conceptual approach is a key element in her work. Hallila has worked as a free artist since 2017. Her works are included in both Finnish and international collections.

sähköposti: m.hallila(a)gmail.com
kotisivut: marjohallila.com
instagram: @marjohallila