• Hedelmät, Matilda Keränen

Matilda Keränen


Huuto I 27.5.-19.6.2022

Matilda Keränen

On Ascension Day 26 May 2022, Huuto is closed.

A toneless key
in the light of dawn.
The pulse of the dead, the unborn
plant life animal life
an element
a child before a human.

But a sound from Inferno too.
No hell open there.
Of those created, only a human
makes one suffer, suffers
without understanding their misunderstandings.
They dominate, dawn or night.

A freely translated passage from Mirjam Tuominen’s poem Soinniton kosketin, 1954

My works deal with the wound of being. A cross-section of an experience where the familiar is distorted. Where the violence of growth appears, the shadow of innocence and purity. A wound in which hope for healing still blooms.

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The exhibition has been supported by Academy of Fine Arts

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