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Uudenmaankatu 10.12.-21.12.2008

Jarno Vesala
Näin päin
10.12. – 21.12.2008
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Jarno Vesala´s (b.1977) exhibition Näin päin leads to the landscapes of irrational fear and childhood nightmares.

It is easy to deny the fear of unnatural in daylight, but alone in the dark the irrational fear can easily take over. Ghosts become real when they give even a small sign of their excistence. Sound of footsteps from the stairwell or sound of knocking behind the wall can release the irrational fear at the night time.

Adult disquised as a ghost by wearing a sheet can be funny or even slighty pathetic. There was always at least one child dressed as a ghost in the childhood masquerade. Ghost-costume was easy way out when you didn´t have any better idea. Covered by a white sheet also points to the death. Corpses are covered with sheets in hospitals. Also in empty houses, furnitures are covered with sheets. The sheet sends a message of absence. Whatever is hidden under the sheet, it is in there and gone at the same time: going somewhere. Jarno Vesala´s work Sininen uni/Blue dream, 2008 is reminding us about irrational fear and precense of death but bringing out these guestions comical way.

Jarno Vesala tells about his works and working as follows:
“My works are mainly installations with a sound and a video. I aspire to revieve a guestions of a human behavior with a small gesture or with a delicate atmosphere. I make installations where the viewer is a character among the other characters in a staged scene.
Characters are living in a moment that seems to be delicate and/or neutral but where you can sense upcoming or just happened transition. Transition can be related to the death, happiness or to a moment when the character is completely losing itself. Sense of these transitions creates an interesting and important tension between the character and the viewer. To Gallery Huuto I´ve made the characters by using a different materials including as an example sound and video.With sound, suggestive objects, video and lightning, I create an absurd and atmospheric space where the characters are meeting and sensing each other.

Exhibition is composed of two installations that blend together. Familiar horrorimages from childhood and horror movies are living in their stagnant moments. Innocentlike horrorimages from childhood can still bring you fear when you are much older. What makes a human under detergent smelling white clean sheet so scary?”

Katri Mononen