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Timo Tähkänen


Viiskulma 3.8-21.8.2011

“I call my sculptural paintings color experiences. The starting point of my works is the imitation of a nature-related experience or a thought provoked by a certain color. My own feelings are important to me when I work. It is similar to hiking outdoors in that I can focus my thoughts on my soul and find my own nature and natural state within myself.

Traditionally, nature refers to the untouched environment around humans. From a scientific point of view, humans are a part of nature. Therefore, humans and the cultural environment created by them cannot be considered the opposite of nature. “

Timo Tähkänen graduated from the South Karelia University of Applied Sciences in 2007, majoring in painting.

The exhibition has been supported by the Arts Council of Southeast Finland and the city of Lappeenranta.

Timo Tähkänen
+358 44 057 1364