• Sonja-Tintelnot-Paulan-puutarhassa

Suomalais-saksalainen näyttelyvaihtoprojekti

Galleria Huuto byter utställingar med plan.d. i Düsseldorf


The artist-run gallery plan.d. in Düsseldorf and Galleria Huuto exchange exhibitions.

The theme of the exhibition exchange is ”Stoffwechsel – Aineenvaihdunta”, that can mean metabolism, but also exchange of fabrics or material change. It could also entail -as an artistic approach- processing different thoughts, impressions and ideas into the production of art. It could also encourage a dialogue between the two galleries. The working group consists og painters, graphic artists, media- and installation artist, and artists who combine different techniques.

The exhibition Stoffwechsel – Aineenvaihdunta was shown in Galleria Huuto 19 August – 11 September 2022. Works from following artists were shown:
Peter Clouth, Aljoscha Gössling, Utta Hagen, Andrea Isa, Katrin Laade, Maria Lentzen, Heike Ludewig, Jyrg Munter, Christian Psyk, Simone Richter and Sonja Tintelnot.

Twelve Galleria Huuto member artists make an exhibition to Düsseldorf 24 September – 16 October 2022.
The artists participating are Päivi Allonen, Beata Joutsen, Saija Koponen, Nuutti Koskinen, Tiina Mielonen, Pilvi Ojala, Paula Puoskari, Hanna Saarikoski, Maiju Salmenkivi, Katariina Salmijärvi, Laura Ukkonen and Marja Viitahuhta.

Plan.d. has functioned from 1998 and has a recognised status in Düsseldorf art field. The gallery is located in the hart of Düsseldorf artscene in Flingern area. It organizes 13 exhibitions a year and has shown over 800 artists fom Germany and abroad. Plan.d. has a network over the world and has had exhibitions in Korea, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Japan, England, Scotland, France, Netherlands and Israel.