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Leena Lehti


Pikkujätkä 20.6.-7.7 2013

Leena Lehti
Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari, Videokoppi
20. June – 7. July 2013

”I am a milk gushing tit .
The mere sight of a baby and my breasts are filling with milk. As naturally as tears start to drop, the milk starts to leak.
As if they have a will of their own.
How can such a little baby control my body?
I´m loosing control.”

Nearness is a documentary video essay about closeness, existence and mother`s love.

The film contemplates about presence. Many things, like chilhood and memories can be present and at same time be out of reach and untouchable. The documentary examines also the boundaries between nature and culture, how mother`s body has to cope with contradictions. The film talks about the feeling how suprisingly physical can motherhood be.

Leena Lehti (born 1979) lives in Tampere, Finland. She has completed her Master of Arts in Aalto University in 2013.

Duration 8 min.
Original material 8mm film.
A film by Leena Lehti
Editor: Jenni Saaristo
Sound: Petteri Rajanti ja Jenni Saaristo
Narrator: Sini Marikki

Contact and information:
Leena Lehti

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