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Galleria Huuto is setting up a new gallery at Jätkäsaari Makasiini L3. In September 2012 Huuto celebrated its 10th anniversary by holding there a large exhibition AAARGH! – 10 years later. New gallery space will open its doors for the public with first exhibitions by Kalle and Pauliina Turakka Purhonen and Noora Geagea 2.1.-20.1.2013.

Jätkäsaari Makasiini L3, Tyynenmerenkatu 6 (Hietasaarenkuja 6)

Harbour warehouse Makasiini L3 in Jätkäsaari is as well for its external looks as for its location suitable for creative art activities. Even though the area is not densily populated yet, warehouse is conveniently located at the southern edge of the city within a walking distance from the Cable Factory, Forum Box and Muu galleries as well as Huuto’s other gallery at Uudenmaankatu street. Also SIC gallery is located at the other end of the warehouse building. Both spaces are complementing each other in terms of exhibition profile and attraction of the public. Makasiini L3 is easily reachable by tram 9. Also current development of a new residential area is bringing liveliness and ever-changing face to the neighborhood.

Rough and old facilities of the warehouse enable a wider range of activities and provide a nice environment for common art projects, which may lead to a completely new ways for the art work in terms of community and creativity

Huuto will open two 200 m2 sized gallery areas on the 2nd floor of the Makasiini L3.

We will also build a common space – living room-like area or “art lounge”, where artists and visitors can meet and spend time together, and where artists can come together for discussing new projects. The lobby space will also be possible to rent for various art events.

In addition, part of our new facilities at Jätkäsaari will also become artists’ offices and will include also a project room, where visiting artist will be working for a couple of months and will conclude his / her work by opening this area and showing the work to the public.

Galleria Huuto

Galleria Huuto is an independent art space in Helsinki which is founded and maintained by local artists. Currently Huuto maintains two galleries, both located at the center of Helsinki – Viiskulma gallery, founded in 2002 and Uudenmaankatu gallery founded in 2005. Annually Huuto organizes as many as 35-50 contemporary art exhibitions. In addition, Galleria Huuto has organized various events and exhibitions outside of Huuto’s facilities. Now, as the result of the changes, Viiskulma gallery will be closed at the end of January 2013. Uudenmaankatu gallery will remain.

Thank you for the support:
Kone Foundation
Ministry of Education and Culture

For more information:
Henni Oksman
Tel. 0400-653 461

Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari
Makasiini L3
Tyynenmerenkatu 6 (ent. Hietasaarenkuja 6)
00220 Helsinki

Tram nr 9 to stop ”Bunkkeri”, walk back towards the city ca 100 m, magasin L3 is a very big brick red buildng on you right side, you can´t miss it.

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