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  • Paula Martikainen
  • Paula Martikainen
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Paula Martikainen


Uudenmaankatu 21.9.-2.10.2005

My exhibition consists of two entities: oil paintings on canvas and
a photography and pillow installation “sheltering”.

The starting point for my paintings has been a landscape which is close to my heart and important to myself. After that imagination and reality have intertwined together. Fact and fiction can no longer be separated from each other.

I’m trying over and over again to find the accurately drawn horizon
before my eyes. After a long time it’s nevertheless impossible to create a sharp image out of memories. The image changes its shape and all the inessential is discarded. A simplified version arises, a new order, and the most important thing has remained.

In the installation “sheltering”, hands are giving shelter and protection. They are squeezing, caressing and holding. The hands bring comfort like a pillow where one wants to rest one’s head. The power and strength as well as the softness and beauty of the hands make them arresting and imaging.

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