• Hanna Hyy
  • Hanna Hyy: Candle Holder Made of Wood, 2019, 50x40cm, water colour and acrylics on MDF
  • Hanna Hyy: Emotional Labor for Spring, 2019, A4, water colour and oil on paper
  • Hanna Hyy: Passive Aggressive, 2019, 35x25cm, water colour on MDF
  • Hanna Hyy: Hiipuva, 2019, 35x25cm, water colour and acrylics on MDF

Hanna Hyy

Nightmares about Empathy

Huuto I 16.8.-8.9.2019

Hanna Hyy
Nightmares about Empathy

The exhibition Nightmares about Empathy features a series of paintings and drawings focusing on the feeling of empathy as well as social topics. In the works, both factual and fictional situations redefine the comfort zone of identification. Hanna Hyy has created the works using watercolors, acrylics and oil pastels on MDF board and paper.

Hanna Hyy (b. 1990, Helsinki) is a Helsinki-based artist who spent her childhood in the Southern Savo region. She has earned a Master of Fine Arts degree.

The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Hanna Hyy
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