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Leonor Ruiz Dubrovin


Uudenmaankatu 3.8.-21.8.2011

Leonor Ruiz Dubrovin
3.8. – 21.8.2011
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

There is a distorted narrative, a history, in the matter of my paintings. The use of color is the first of a series of choices: stroke, mark, scratch, sign… all of them build a history that will remain in the absence of the subject.

Every gesture leads to a hidden image waiting to be found; to an attempt of comprehending the nature of its presence. Objects stop being hard physical bodies, relieved of weight and density, when they dissolve in the slow light of the pictorial.

My images are in a state of ongoing decay. It is a result of altering the system of traditional representation through the methodical annihilation of the subject matter. It is, in fact, a process of gradually distancing from the customary motif.

Leonor Ruiz Dubrovin
(born 1978 in Madrid, Spain. Finnish mother, Spanish father)

She earned her Master´s Degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. Her works have been exhibited in Finland and Spain and are included in several collections in both countries. Such as KIASMA Museum of Contemporary Art (Kansan Sivistysrahaston Päivi ja Paavo Lipposen rahaston taidekokoelma) and Sokos Hotel Aleksanteri, Helsinki.

This exhibition has been kindly supported by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

Leonor Ruiz Dubrovin
tel. +358 50 412 1578