• Paul Landon

Paul Landon

Paul Landon

Uudenmaankatu 20.4.-8.5.2011

Paul Landon
20.4. – 8.5.2011
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

Paul Landon’s exhibition at Galleria Huuto, Uudemaankatu presents works that show processes of looking for something that may or may not be there. These include acts of physically wandering and searching, but also of tracing, making, copying and writing. What is shown is not the finding of something, but the process of looking for it. What is being searched for is something that, through its precarious existence, eludes representation.

The translation (2011) recounts an attempt at finding, in Buenos Aires, a translation of an early poem written by Jorge Luis Borges about that city. The search for the seemingly inexistent translation is replaced by looking for somewhere in Buenos Aires in which to translate the poem. The poem and the city become elusive sites of possible meanings, impossible to decipher.

Untitled (streets) (2011) shows eight views, presented on LCD screens, of unidentified streets in the old centre of Buenos Aires. Positioning the viewer in the precise centre of the streets the backlit images present geometrically harmonious compositions. They show a searching for an ideal point of view in an imperfect, repetitive urban landscape.

Copy (2011) shows the result of copying, word for word, Walter Benjamin’s essay, “The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction.” The copy, as a handwritten text, is illegible and seemingly redundant. It serves to document the search for an auratic presence in the original text.

Paul Landon is a candidate for a Doctor of Fine Arts at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. He work has recently been exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals in Europe and the Americas. He presently lives in Montreal, Canada where he is a professor of Media Arts at the University of Quebec.

The exhibition is supported by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

FIRST OF MAY OPEN HOURS: sat 31.4. open, sun 1.5. closed.