• Tanja Koistila

Tanja Koistila


Uudenmaankatu 8.6.-19.6.2005

Tanja Koistila
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu

If somebody would have looked he would have seen.

Peeping happens from outside to inside or from inside to outside.
A peeper looks into a place, a situation, a human. Or from inside of these towards us. A view is a glimpse, a moment, a part of some entirety.

A peeper is a visitor. When looking from outside peeping is safe for him. He satisfies his curiosity without being anxious or carrying responsibility of what he sees. Peeper retains his distinctness by withdrawing himself back.

A peeper is a secret. Concealed is not staying covered, keeping a secret, but takes a risk to be revealed when protruding. Peeper is a hint, an allurement or a request of help directed outside. The one being inside would want to deliverate.

A peeper sees more than others want to show. Peeper finds and indicates spaces, feelings, incidents, from which one would not have wanted to tell. It reminds self from itself, about the things one cannot forget.