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Minnamari Toukola

Piece by Piece – Connections

Uudenmaankatu 12.11.-30.11.2014

Minnamari Toukola
Piece by Piece – Connections
Galleria Huuto Uudenmaankatu
12 November – 30 November 2014

My exhibition Piece by Piece – Connections consists of three-dimensional mixed media works. I will also be at the gallery throughout the exhibition to work on a rug-like piece entitled Piece by Piece (2013-2016?).

My works consists of all kinds of things, useless little items that can be found on earth.

Oh, how beautiful and inspiring! A strip of artificial turf, a beer bottle, a moose head, a stick and a beautifully colored not-sure-what as well as one leather glove from London and a tree eaten by a horse in Ruskeasuo – and of course I will keep a piece of a shoulder bag that my mom used when she was young. Money can’t buy this kind of colors and materials!

Due to the intuitive way I work, it sometimes happens that when I look at a piece I have just completed, it feels like I never would have been able to create something like it. It was created, through me, like a miracle – somehow.

because the journey continues
because life is incomplete
goes slowly
goes fast
hair is flowing
I stand still
my heart is pounding – constantly
until it stops completely
what is left?
a planet full of junk