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Aleksi Tolonen


Viiskulma 25.4.-6.5.2007

punch-drunk [puhnch-druhngk]
1. (esp. of a boxer) having cerebral concussion caused by repeated blows to the head and consequently exhibiting unsteadiness of gait, hand tremors, slow muscular movement, hesitant speech, and dulled mentality.
2. Informal. befuddled; dazed. Origin: 1915–20, Americanism

My exhibition Punch Drunk consists of pictures of boxers, but it’s not about just boxing. The images, the base building blocks of the show, are of boxers. The name of the show points to the world of ideas into which I have placed my boxers: the masculine boxers are drunk from the punches and in a confused state.

There are two installations and a series of aquarelles. In the front room, three paintings of boxers, constructed atop cleaning robots, wander around a boxing ring. The three-dimensional paintings are constantly on the move and on a collision course. In the other room, digital prints of battling pairs have been stuffed to resemble cuddly toys. The arms of the boxers, stretched to a length of several meters each, cruise the space, looking for a direct hit.

The desire and courage to experiment, and a curiosity about materials and meaning, forms the core of most of my work. I use my boxers to deal with questions connected to masculinity. I don’t pretend to know or provide answers to any complex questions. The boxers are a comment, and as such, they mirror my own confusion.

This exhibition was kindly supported by Robokeskus.fi

Thank you:
Paulon Säätiö
Kordelinin Sivistysrahasto